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Design lead

The best design elite domestic outfit bound,Believe there is always a designer to be able to provide you with the most appropriate design services;

Designers to provide clients with more than two sets of scheme,The best optimum,For customers to choose from;

All the design,Finally personally verified by the design department manager,The directional construction,The biggest safeguard the interests of customers;

Lead materials

We use the material principle is:Always be higher than rivals materials used in a class!

One-stop shopping,Don't run around,The market high-grade materials,A line in the company;

Company professionals to help you identify,Diversified brand,Double protection,Company with businesses,The unified management of materials,Collocation;

Construction quality lead

Construction quality is the lifeline of an enterprise,Is the foundation for the development of the company,With open hundreds of sites at the same time,All volunteer team training on a regular basis、The assessment show certificates;

Company construction technology r&d center was formally established,Convergence process advantages all over the country,Regularly update and improvement;

Water and electricity after the completion of road construction,Photograph by the specialist to the construction site and details,In the form of CD in customer construction archives,Easy maintenance in the future;

Service in the lead

Company strength is abundant,Powerful influence,With high quality perfect customer service system,Shared across the country;

Do you have any questions and help,We promised24Hours to solve and answer questions;

Each project must undergo supervision upon the acceptance of the company,Can undertake a project under construction,After the completion of the project,Engineering manager personally participate in the site acceptance,Help clients to good quality;

Price advantage

Very low prices,Company advocate material not profit,Our principle is to social benefits、After the economic benefits;

Bright type offers,Cost of engineering and a separation of more reasonable.More cost-effective,Transparent material process。

Company profile

Xin decoration with open100Million registered capital and twenty years experience in decoration,Has been jining yanzhou administration for industry and commerce formally approved as the national formal qualifications decoration company。The company since its establishment,Has been adhering to the“The good faith of excellence、Exquisite eternity”The idea of,Always insist on“Good faith treats people,Led by service,Promote the development of quality”As the core,With our excellent design、Specification of the construction、Perfect management、The high quality service,Won a good reputation in inside and outside。We will carefully for you to create a warm,Comfortable,Environmental protection work living environment,Will the economy、Practical to dissolve into art and beauty creation,Bring you endless life taste。Open xin to yanzhou family decoration decoration、Yanzhou home outfit、Adornment is decorated、Yanzhou interior design。Xin decoration has yanzhou best decoration design、Yanzhou decoration design、The design team。The quality of today,Tomorrow's market is the company's business philosophy。Company strictly the quality pass,Strict construction technology,Healthy environmental protection material,Complete engineering services,Ultra-low prices,Won the customer's full affirmation。The company advocates specialization、The development of the institutional system,To create a comfortable for you、Harmonious bedroom environment,The achievements of constantly at the same time,Get the attention of the social from all walks of life and recognition。The company for two years warranty,Lifelong maintenance,Your warranty review system on a regular basis,Project tracking service for you.

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