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   Jiangsu wenchang electronic chemical co., LTD is located in the Yangtze river downstream river on the beautiful island——Yangzhong, jiangsu province development zone,And in zhenjiang、Changzhou gameshow,Taizhou bridge connected the island directly with the provincial highway network,Water and land transportation is very convenient。The company was founded in1994Years,Is a research and development、Production、Sales of electronic chemical new materials science and technology innovative companies。

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What is the copper clad,How's the progress of technology?  Along with the electronic products to the light、Thin、Small、High density、Muti_function change development,On the PCB components assembly density and level of integration is higher and higher,Power consumption is more and more big,That's rightPCBThe substrate cooling requirement has become more and more urgent,If the substrate heat sex is bad,Will lead to printed circuit board has....

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The basic principles of enterprise management,With integrity and mutual benefit。

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The source of enterprise progress,Clear target selection is simple...

The soul of enterprise development,To strategic innovation as the direction。

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Core competitiveness of the enterprise forward,Team spirit is good...

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